« There are traits that you should look for when doing business with individuals. Honesty. Trustworthiness. Reliability. Dependability. Professionalism. These are all great attributes that Michael has. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for many years and when you combine his character traits with his desire to garner positive results for his clients, then you know he is a person you can trust as I have. »

Please accept this as a strong recommendation to work for Mike Marshall. He is a great boss and I learned a lot from him.

Thank you for the advice on how to maximize our rental income. We were then able to restructure our finances and take advantage of a second mortgage – the second mortgage is at a lower interest rate than our current debt.

Thank you for speaking with me. After looking at all the options, it will be best to wait until my current mortgage is due and then take advantage of the collateral mortgage switch product. Thank you for the great advice.